How To Find The Best Doctor For Vertigo Condition

Vertigo is a condition that causes you to feel as if you or your surroundings are spinning or moving. You might feel like your body is slipping out of control, and the feeling might be so intense that you believe you’re about to fall. If it’s severe enough, vertigo can even lead you to fear going up or down stairs.

Vertigo can strike at any time and affect anyone, but it tends to be most common among those who have also experienced nausea from motion sickness at some point in their life. This article on how to find the best doctor for your vertigo condition will help you connect with an expert who can treat your symptoms effectively.

What Is Vertigo?

 Vertigo is a recurring, intensely unpleasant sensation of spinning or rocking, usually triggered by the movement of your head or body. Vertigo is a symptom of a dizziness (dysphoria) disorder, and it’s sometimes called spinning vertigo or whirling vertigo. In vertigo, you can feel as if your surroundings are spinning around you, or you might feel like your body is “slipping out of control.”

You might see other people moving in a way that looks perfectly normal to you but appear to be “juggling” to you.

How To Find A Vertigo Specialist

 Your doctor will likely be the one to diagnose your vertigo condition, but the treatment you receive will depend on the recommendations of a specialist. Many vertigo doctors are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. You can find a vertigo specialist by doing a simple search for “vertigo specialists in your city” or “vertigo specialists near you.”

Find A Vertigo Physician In Your Area


Once you’ve found the best doctor for vertigo, make an appointment to visit their office. Vertigo doctors will generally want to rule out additional causes of dizziness, such as ear infections, head injuries, and certain health conditions, as well as medications that can cause dizziness. They’ll also want to rule out other conditions that may look like vertigo.

Vertigo And Movement Disorder Specialists


If you have vertigo that seems related to your movements, see a movement disorder specialist. Vertigo associated with certain types of movement disorders may benefit from treatment with certain medications, such as vertigo drugs. Similarly, if your vertigo is associated with certain eye movements, your vertigo specialist may order an eye movement disorder scan to look for misalignments in your eyes or brain.

Find A Neurologist For Vertigo Treatment


If you have vertigo caused by a neurological condition, such as a brain tumor or stroke, see a neurologist. Neurologists are specialists in treating nervous system disorders, whether they’re caused by a lesion in the brain tissue or by problems with the nerves and muscles that control your eyes, head, and body. Your neurologist will likely recommend an evaluation and treatment for your vertigo.

Find The Best Vertigo Doctor Based On Your Symptoms


Before you choose a doctor, take an objective look at your symptoms. To do this, make a list of all the symptoms you experience. If you’re having dizziness and spinning feelings, try to make a list of all the things that make you feel that way.

Next, rank your symptoms from most to least impactful. If vertigo is the biggest problem you have, it should come first on your list. If it doesn’t, rank it second or third. From there, work backward until you find a doctor who meets your standards for vertigo treatment.

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