Using Vehicle Tracking Gps navigation Technology

Managing your automobile sources will be a lot simpler nowadays with vehicle tracking Gps navigation technology. Regardless if you are a fleet manager who manages 100 vehicles or someone who includes a nspecial vehicle, Gps navigation tracking technology can help you keep an eye on your automobile assets.

Essentially there’s two kinds of Gps navigation tracking technology accustomed to track and manage vehicles. The least expensive as well as the one that’s been around for that longest period is known as “Gps navigation Logging”. Gps navigation logging units are usually placed in the vehicle for a set fee of your time after which are retrieved. Readily stored away normally mounted on a pc in which the logging software up loads the information right into a database. The details are displayed in map and table form for analysis and employ. Logging Gps navigation units are helpful because of the fact that they’re generally small , affordable. They are also very reliable. The main downside of these vehicle tracking Gps navigation units would be that the details are old. Never the less you may make management decisions in line with the information loggers provide.

The 2nd and newest kind of vehicle tracking Gps navigation technologies are known as “Real-time” Gps navigation tracking. Just like the name implies real-time Gps navigation tracking provides relatively current tracking info on each vehicle being tracked. These tracking units are usually bigger and much more pricey than logger units. They consist of a Gps navigation unit along with a communication unit. Additionally you’ll have to make use of a Gps navigation tracking Company to gain access to your tracking information. Tracking details are submitted using standard mobile phone or satellite phone technology towards the tracking company which causes it to be open to its customers.

The company normally charges a regular monthly fee with this service. Many service companies supply the tracking equipment and perform the vehicle installations. However you can buy the automobile tracking Gps navigation equipment and set it up yourself. When you purchase this route you’ll have to do repair and maintenance work yourself too.

The actual time tracking details are submitted at different times per the client based on their need. Mix country trucking firms ordinarily have tracking information submitted every half an hour while a delivery service may require uploads as often as every a few minutes in order to react to customer pickup orders. Typically the greater frequently you need an upload the greater the Gps navigation tracking Company charges you.

The company will give you numerous mapping and knowledge base services towards the customer such as the standard mapping with speed, direction, time stopped and time on the way. Advanced vehicle tracking Gps navigation systems showcase the fuel use, exhaust and fluid levels. Other services for example geo fencing which transmits a security whenever a vehicle leaves its assigned area or perhaps is getting used outdoors of ordinary working hrs can also be found.

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