What Is a Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo & Why You Should Get One

A permanent eyeliner tattoo, as the name suggests, is a tattoo that is drawn on your eyeliner area to create an eyeliner look. It is permanent for at least a year, then it starts to fade away and requires touch-ups. A permanent eyeliner tattoo can be of any type of eyeliner style. There are many eyeliner shapes for every eye shape such as classic eyeliner, pin-up eyeliner, smooth eyeliner, simple eyeliner, drama eyeliner, feline eyeliner, basic eyeliner, bold eyeliner, luxe eyeliner, etc., you can pick the best eyeliner style that suits your eye shape and get it tattooed.

It is a simple and hassle-free treatment that you can get from a reputed clinic. The specialist clinics will guide you through the process and help you in making the right decision regarding the perfect type of permanent eyeliner tattoo for your eyes. Below are the reasons why you should get a permanent eyeliner tattoo.

  1. Save time – every day women spend about 10 minutes at least putting on makeup and eyeliner. Not all women have the gift of drawing a perfect eyeliner for both of their eyes in one go. Sometimes drawing on an eyeliner look can be so hard that it might require you to wash your eye 2-3 times before achieving that perfect look. Early mornings are for healthy breakfast and careful planning of the day ahead, not for stressing over eyeliners. A Permanent eyeliner tattoo will not be erased by water or makeup remover. Therefore, a permanent eyeliner tattoo will save your time and help you in making your mornings joyful and stress-free.

  1. Prevent Infections – bacterial infections can be caused through the excess application of harmful eyeliners. Most people do not know about the harmful chemicals being used in cheap eyeliners. These infections can cause irritation, pimples, and swelling in your eyes. A permanent eyeliner tattoo is a permanent eyeliner that does not require daily application so you can prevent your eyes from getting infections.

  1. Boost your beauty – a permanent eyeliner tattoo not only frees up your time and protects your eyes against infection, but it also boosts your beauty. It will enhance your eyes and give them a naturally fresh look. Everyone feels good when they look good. A permanent eyeliner tattoo boosts your confidence by beautifying your eyes and making them look more lively and pretty. Makeup enhances your beauty but it can be hard to find the right makeup for your skin and the application process of makeup is time-consuming. A permanent eyeliner tattoo is designed carefully to suit every skin type and tone.

The MicroArt beauty treatments offer permanent eyeliner tattoo treatment that can be taken by every person irrespective of their sex. Many men and women choose MicroArt beauty because they provide satisfactory results and employ talented professionals who are well equipped with the latest technological tools to carry out the procedure smoothly. The permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure does not give any side effects, downtime, or pain. The procedure is preceded by carefully numbing the eye area which makes the procedure painless. You can visit the website and book an appointment to consult with the professionals. Within 2 appointments, your permanent eyeliner tattoo will be completed.

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