Leather Shoulder Holsters and Its Types

Shoulder holsters are not that popular among many gun enthusiasts, but they are effective for conceal carry with heavy guns. Leather shoulder holsters are considered for their durability and sturdiness. Their positive attributes are overlooked as they are considered to be old-fashioned. Shoulder holsters are best suited for those who sit for a long time like drivers or desk jobs.

You may find choosing a perfect leather shoulder holster to be difficult at first, but as you get more information on their details, you will find it easy to choose and use them comfortably. There are many licensed conceal carry gun users who prefer leathershoulder holsters for various reasons.

It is seen that the hip-holster is most popular and more accessible for many gun owners. You should try to have expertise in various types of holsters and learn to defend yourself in a challenging situation. A leather shoulder holster is suitable for those who need to carry a gun for their day-to-day activities.

Types of Leather Shoulder Holsters

There are 3 types of shoulder holsters, vertical, horizontal, and angled. They describe the position of a gun along the shoulder.

  1. Vertical Shoulder Holster- In a vertical shoulder holster, the muzzle point of the gun is pointed down and can carry a large gun type. You will find it sluggish when you draw a gun for use.

  1. Horizontal Shoulder Holster- Horizontal holster can be pulled faster as compared to a vertical shoulder holster. But only shorter barrel guns can be carried in this type of shoulder holster.

  1. Angled Shoulder Holster- It is also faster to pull the gun in an angled shoulder holster. You need to be alert and observe the trigger when you pull out during an emergency. Since the muzzle stays pointing away from the armpit, you need to be very careful while using the angled shoulder holster.

Tips to Use Leather Shoulder Holster

  1. Always take sufficient time to choose the shoulder holster to reap the maximum benefits. It should be a perfect fit for your body type. Shoulder holsters go well with women’s body types and can choose a perfect shoulder holster. A leather shoulder holster will give you long-lasting service as compared to other materials.
  2. Choose an adjustable leather shoulder holster. You should feel comfortable after strapping on your shoulder holster. Ensure it is in the right position and will help you to easily draw the gun.

  1. Select the shoulder holster along with belt hooks that will give you extra comfort. Make the shoulder holster tighter on your body so that the position of the gun doesn’t move as you walk by. Customize it by adding more hooks to hold your gun and magazines perfectly.

  1. Wear a comfortable shirt or jacket that is loose enough and doesn’t press the gun tighter. You should be able to easily draw a gun during an emergency. So practice with the jackets or shirts that you use frequently.

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